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    My brothers .. I am very happy to join you and this was very difficult to join because, as you know it is very difficult access to the dark Internet in the Arab countries .. But after a good effort arrived here and I am happy to join this great forum and this wonderful elite of members .. My friends in a very short I was very rich and very rich until 2006 and lost $ 5 million in the Saudi stock market. This year is known as the black year on the Saudi stock exchange. Then I tried to recover and raise again, but in 2012 I lost all my money in the US and Gulf stock markets and the currency markets. No mother I want to make up for what I missed, but unfortunately I was in a number of niches who took advantage of the last money I had, causing panic and entering the hospital for a very long time .. I want compensation now .. Please advise you to get the fastest and easiest ways and the lowest possible costs At first, I want to experience financial transfer ((westren union)) or buy prepaid credit cards without diffcult rols. I do not want any problems with the government or the state. Also, I do not want to fall into the hands of the swindlers again. Who can help me? give me ur deals in my emale or in icq & after that we make the deals here be escourt..
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    im waiting all your experince my frinds here & what is the better ..
    I am thankful to you and appreciated

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